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February 17, 2007
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Arashi by Atalanta83 Arashi by Atalanta83

Oohhh I have to say I had so much fun drawing her!!! And I will have much more fun in the rpg… cause she is going to be such a psycho! LOL

Yeah yeah… lot of scars I know… >_< but… she loves pain… really loves pain, to feel it and to cause it to others… she finds it such a huge turn on… XD kinky…

Poor Oroan having to suffer her … but she can have for sure that she loves her… even though she might be a total bitch sometimes…

OMG! Longest bio eveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer XD hahahaha… hope ya read it all :P the necklace on her neck is filled with blood… her mate’s blood ^_^ she gave another one with her own blood to her! Lol kinky XD

ough... this is her become becoming psycho XD [link]

Used reference for the pose ^_^

things mentioned on the bio...

Arashi, Aisha and Oroan belongs to meeeeeee
Skardi belongs to *BlackKusanagi
Karasu and Yasha belongs to ~ghemja


Character's Name:


Yuurei-Jin [link]

All her family is dead.... she killed them.

She’s a full blooded saiyajin, her hair and tail are brown with golden tips which she died since she liked that color… her eyes were natural blue.
She wears a short purple dress, opened at the front, silver color boots and gloves with some golden color bands and belt.
On her neck she wears a shiny blue gem, gift from her first and only friend… Skardi, she gave it to her when their lives took different paths… so she could find her following its indications…
She also has a black katana with a shiny blue blade, created by a friend.
Her body is basically full of scars, along the arms, wrists, legs, neck, stomach, back… some of them caused by herself and some of them caused by others.

When she was young she was a calm girl, following her parents orders, helping others as she could… doing her best to please the gods and be the perfect sacrifice.
But during the years her personality changed radically… now as an adult she’s more confident about herself, too confident, full of pride and cocky. She’s a bit instable too, depending on the situation and who she is with…
Mainly in love with pain and lust, causing it to herself or others… and if both things go together even better… she considers herself strong and wouldn’t back out for anyone… facing confidently all the situations.

Brief History:
Sent in the space as a baby like many saiyans, she arrived to a foreign planet where she was found by a couple of farmers, who thought she was a gift from the gods since she fell from the sky and was different from them… she had a tail, that is why her parents prepared her to be a vestal virgin, one of those lucky girls raised to follow the perfect paths of the gods and being sacrificed to honor them…

She spent her childhood happily, surrounded by the people she loved… following the gods orders and preparing herself to be a good sacrifice, she even saw herself like that since it was what her parents told her since she was born.

All of that was until she met Skardi, when she was 14 years old, the girl showed her that there was another kind of life… a life where you could become strong and face all those who want to hurt you… that her life was much more than just a sacrifice to the gods… after listening her words, Arashi ran away from home along with her friend to train and learn more about her own race. She went through hard trainings, ending up in Skardi’s home planet, where they met some of her friends, one of them giving her ‘Tsunami’ her ninja sword.

But things started to turn bad when Skardi said they’d follow separate paths… that is where Arashi started to change… also influeced by her first sexual experience where she found out how incredibly it felt to be in control of a person… and tasting Skardi’s blood to mark her just made things worse… since she liked the taste… and discovered the pleasure of pain…

Finally they parted ways, Arashi not taking this decision very good decided to go back home… where at least she wouldn’t be alone… but what she found there was everything but love, her parents angry about her running away…. The priests the same since they found out she wasn’t a virgin anymore... so they decided to get rid of her and sacrifice her to the devils since she wasn’t pure anymore to be sacrificed to the gods… her parents tried to catch her while she was sleeping but she was strong enough to stop them, ending their lives with her sword… she tried to ran away but couldn’t face her whole town completely and finally she was trapped… and sacrified to the dark powers….

Things wasn’t going to end like this for her… she wanted to live again, to be strong… to show the world that she was born for something greater than just to be a sacrifice… and her solution was to give her soul to the devil in exange of living again…. She returned to life just to follow a path of killing and revenge of all those who hurt her… digging her mind more in the insanity… but soon a time when she decided she wasn’t going to be servant of any demon and decided to free her soul from that bond… so she had to find something better than a mortal soul to offer him… a goddess soul… the demon agreed to that and granted her powers to face a god, control over the elements, wind, fire, water and earth... plus a very useful transformation... her body can double her size by absorbing water and directing it to her cells making her muscles grow incredibly... she gains a strenth bigger than a SJJ4 one but also... makes her slower since she isn't used to that body.

And after gathering information for some time… she found out something really interesting… Skardi… her childhood friend and first mate… she was half a goddess… so she decided to search for her in order to give her soul to the devil… her journey has just started…. Who knows how it will end…

She finally found Skardi… traed to sell her soul… >_< but things didnt en dup too well… both changad a lot during their lives… Arashi growing up into someone that not everyone could stand… and it just lead to trouble that ended up by breaking their relationship…

She wandered for soe time alone… getting a crush on Antiope… really big one that made her make more deals with demons >_< in order to get her, she made a deal with Karasu… she’d help him if he made antiope love her… and he did… but also punished her for her insolence… filling her brain with 200 years of torture… raping… the most horrible visions someone could ever get… and that just helped her to become even more hostile to the men >_<…

Trying to achieve what karasu wanted, she died protecting antiope from yasha... deciding to kill herself before getting killed... she is proud like that... then staying in hell for a rather long time… she didn’t want to come back… Anti had her memories back and she hated her for all she has done to hre family… she definitely lost the will to live… till someone else appeared… a girl that saved her from the demons… that helped her and brought life back to her soul… Oroan…

Both of them little by little started to build up a relationship… Oroan being the only one that understood her fully… since they had many things in common… two assasins.. together… but also someone that would smack some sense on her… take care of her and hre mental problems… Arashi finally seemed to find her place in the world…

They were brought back to life by Arashi’s sister, Aisha… that came back to earth following her sister steps trying to become a great warrior like her…

On earth, Arashi and Oroan spent their time killing >_< causing chaos… training and getting stronger… fighting eachother too from time to time… lol… though they were careful not to really hurt eachother… you never hurt the one you love right?

Finally life seems to be good for the woman… finding stabily with her mate… they got married… instead of exanging rings they decided to do something more adequate to their tastes… exange necklaces with their bloods…. To be together… forever…
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BladeRiver Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2013  Student
She so hot....HOT.....and AGAIN HOTTEST saiyan female Ever, nice ^^
aangmeT00 Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2011  Student General Artist
#1. Awsome bio and everything!
#2. I have an OC named Arashi, but she's a half-cat demon and she was made for the show Inuyasha. And she doesn't have that long of a backstory.
#3. The bio isn't similar or anything, but it reminds me of my OC Aima. I uess because I gave her a long bio as well.
#4. Just a very well done job! :D
jofro12 Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2011
why does it said she a full blood saiyan if she isn't.
Kyogue Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2007
Arashi is what you would call a total badass chick >3

Her outfit is simple, yet amazing, and I love how you did her hair and her tail n_n

Atalanta83 Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
wow... thanks so much ^_^
RavenFeatherAngel Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
wheeeeeee, I LOVE her character-design! Her clothing-style rocks and I love her hair and tail! For some very ODD reason it reminds me of gerbils! :XD: Even though I guess being compared to a rodent ain't that much of a compliment for a Saiyan, lol, it's not a bad thing in my opinion ;) And it just looks GREAT! It even impressed - and disturbed - my Baji. We both had her picture stuck in our heads now for a time. Baji: So, I am curious: It cannot be healthy for the fur to BLEACH it, now can it!? I mean..... ieks, do the hair not..... break or fall out or sumthin'??? *imagines a rat-tailed Saiyajin and gets the shivers* Really an eyecatcher, though, and a cewl one! :D Oh, and the necklace is quite an idea, too! *gets that dreamy look again* (<-- Hijiri, 'his' elf, just made him a proposal, so I guess that everything that's relatet to "mating", "bonding" and all that stuff hits a very week spot atm :aww: )
Atalanta83 Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
wow thanks so much for ur kind comment ^_^ I'm specially proud of Arashi... she's my favorite character... she's evil and twisted but i think that hwat makes her special...

she's got a deep story... that is even longer than what is written there! lol....

she's my fab babyyyy and... everyone hates her.... i think thats why i love her even more
Wathrandir Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2007
....Ya know, her hair kinda looks like Albel's from SO3:TTEOT....weird....
Atalanta83 Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i know o_o i recently found out that cause someone told me :s i didnt even know that game existed... that person gave me the links to pics
Wathrandir Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2007
Uncanny, isn't it. ^-^ Albel and Nel are my two favorite characters in the game. (Dark: Not to mention the only ones who aren't total idiots......) Mirage is there too, ya know. (Dark: Yeah, she's the exception..... All the other PCs are idiots, though.) Too true....too true.....
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